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Ready for test drive #3 2017.09.02

Finished wiring the 200 batteries to the BMS modules 2017.04.30

Installed and wired electronic dashboard 2017.04.19

Finished wiring Electric Vehicle Management System. 2017.04.06

Clean the commutator with emery cloth. 2017.03.03

Narrowing rear fender mounts and fastening in place. 2017.02.23

Installing terminals for battery management system. 2017.02.22

Should make for a nice light-show after dark. 2017.01.26

Upper tray and battery charger mounts are installed. 2017.01.24

Lower battery tray mounted. 2017.01.20

Building tray to hold lower 120 batteries. 2017.01.20

Welding kick stand in place. 2017.01.15

Idler sprocket needed since chain would otherwise hit swing-arm. 2016.12.14

Welding motor mounts in place. 2016.12.13

Ugly welding but good and solid, grinder should make it look better. 2016.12.13

Placed front wheel and brake caliper and switched to right-side drive. 2016.12.13

Wiring PC chassis fans for cooling while charging. 2016.08.23

Two trays completed, three to go. 2016.08.10

Connect five 33.6 volt modules in series to get 168 volts. 2016.08.07

Placing the 33.6 volt battery modules in their trays. 2012.08.06

Drilling the tray to hold 5 battery modules. 2016.08.06

Welding the angle iron into a battery module tray. 2016.08.05

Cutting angle iron to make five battery trays. 2016.08.05

Place motor and headlight. The blanket offended the guard dog. 2016.07.20

Add hand-grips, mirror, and rear wheel. 2016.06.13

Add shocks, forward controls, and handlebars. 2016.05.26

Adjust fork stops. 2016.05.19

Start with attaching the front-end. 2016.05.19

Robert Ross builds the first ZapChopper.