ZapCycles Specifications

The Siemens Smart Chopper is a show bike demonstrating their commitment to the environment and performance is secondary. Built by Orange County Choppers in season 6 episode 15 of American Chopper, it uses 6 lead acid 12 volt batteries in series (72 volts) that weigh 55 pounds each making the bike quite heavy. Their 18 horsepower motor is worthy of a show bike but not a performance bike. It's hard-tail (no rear suspension) makes it's ride harsh and having no mirror, it is not street legal in many states. Our bike is a performance show bike using a motor sized for a midsized car, much lighter and stronger batteries, a 40 cell battery management system, quick 6.6kW charging, inverted forks, a soft-tail rear suspension, twice the voltage, twice the amperage, higher top speed, longer range, and lots more chrome. Our specifications are:

  1. Chassis: ProTube Softail
  2. Batteries: 200 LiPo 4.2v - 40 in series 5 in parallel LG Chem 3.9 kWh, 168 volts
  3. Controller: Zeva (Zero Emissions Vehicles Australia) MC1000C 1,000 amps
  4. BMS: Zeva EVMSCore with four BMS12 12 cell monitor modules
  5. Charger: Elcon UHF IP67 168 volts @ 6.6kW
  6. Front tire: Avon Cobra 120/70ZR19
  7. Rear tire: Avon Cobra 300/35VR18
  8. Drive: 530 Chain with 12 front, 48 rear sprockets, 4:1 ratio
  9. Motor: Advanced DC FB1-4001A 100 horsepower, 145 lb/ft torque
  10. Range: ~200 miles city, 170 highway
  11. Top speed: ~127 mph
  12. Weight: ~620 pounds